Astronomy by Rusty Fletcher

The heavens declare the glory of God ..... Psalm 19 verse 1.


These images were done years ago using old equipment that is now mostly outdated.

I am currently working on my telescope and doing some upgrades. I look forward to posting some new images soon!

The Moon May 21st, 2005 at UT 06:02 


Jupiter and it's moon Io on August 27th, 2008 at  UT 04:54

Jupiter on September 4th, 2008 at UT 03:22                                                                Jupiter on September 5th, 2008 at UT 02:55


Moon on 12-27-2007 at: UT 06:55:31


Click on an object to see the full size. 


The following pages show images of my computer controlled telescope I built.


My 17.5 inch computer controlled telescope

Photos of my Telescope and gearing system In November 2005

Older photos of my telescope, friends and family  


The next two pages give a brief history of CCD imaging with various telescopes and camera's I've used.

They show older images that were done when I was first learning to do CCD imaging.


Images with the Houston Astronomical Society's 14 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and my Cookbook 245 CCD camera  

Images with my 17.5 Inch Telescope and my Cookbook 245 CCD camera


Links to friends websites:

Dean Salman

Mel Bartels


I live in Kyle, Texas and I am a Member of: The Austin Astronomical Society

When I lived in Seguin, Texas I was a member of: The San Antonio Astronomical Association

When I lived in Columbus, Texas I was a member of: The Houston Astronomical Society

When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I was a member of :  The Astronomy Club of  Tulsa





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